Prices & Information

  • 4 day whitetail hunt $3000 for a chance to take a Buck  
  • 4 day mule deer hunt $6500 for a chance to take 1 buck in the 160 to 200    Baja Mexico       Baja Sheep  $50K   (limited tags)
  • 6 day mountain lion chase with the hounds $4500 
  • Bobcat Hunt $1500/ 3 days    
  • Bear $4500 New Mexico  5 days  
  • Axis Deer Non Trophy under 30" $2500 Trophy $3500 & up
  • Blackbuck $3000
  • Fallow $4500
  • Sika $4500 
  • Red Deer-Bronze SCI $4500 Silver $6500 GOLD $10K 
  • Elk Hunts $6500 New Mexico, TEXAS $5K, $10K, $15K (bronze, silver, gold SCI) 
  • Aoudad $4500
  • Red Sheep $6500
  • Mouflon $4500 
  • Transcapian $15K
  • Persian Ibex $12,500
  • Nubian Ibex $15K 
  • American Bison  $6500                                                                           
  • Waterbuffalo $4500  
  • Nilgai  Start $4500
  • Scimitar Oryx $5000   
  • Pere David $6500                     
  • Gemsbok-$7000
  • Lechwe  $10,000
  • Turkish Markhor-$400 per inch 
  • Texas Dall, Black Hawaiian, Corsican-Start @ $1500
  • Sable $18K
  • Kudu $15K
  • Eland $12,500
  • Blesbok $7500
  • Blue Wildebeest $6500
  • Black Wildebeest $10,000
  • Nile Lechwe $12,500
  • Eland $12,500
  • Waterbuck $10K
  • Bongo $ 20K

Lodging in Texas Lodging in New Mexico page coming soon!  


What to Bring: Weather appropriate clothing Personal Hunting equipment 

(binoculars, knife, extra cartidges, & all those neat toys we buy from Bass Pro!)

Weapon of Choice-.30 caliber mandatory for anything larger than whitetail deer, we have guns available, Ask Clint 

Insect Repellent Camera/Film/Video/Extra Batteries Sunglasses/Sunblock/Hat Snake proof boots or gators  

Address/Phone of your Taxidermist, your trophies will be field prepared, frozen salted-shipping available via UPS  

 If you have any special needs or diet restrictions/allergies please let us know so that we can accomodate your requests.     


The company HeadHunters is not responible for resulting from changes of flight schedules, delays or loss of baggage by international air carriers  or the domestic charter company. Any expenses or inconveniences, including hotel, restaurants, supplementary airplane ticket charges, etc. not specifically mentioned above are the responsibility of the hunter / tourist. Big game hunting is by definition  a potentially dangerous sport. The company will not accept any liability for any accidents, illness, death or for any damage to or loss of property before, during and after the safari, or for any additional expenses, or for the negligence of any company or personnel entrusted to the company.



1. Bookings will only be confirmed once deposit has been received.

2. All deposits are non refundable.

3. The outstanding balance must be paid with 24 hours arrival.

4. Once a Hunt is booked and confirmed, dates can only be changed with the approval of Clint Tuma and you run the risk of losing your deposit.


1. For lost travel time or substitution of facilities,

2. For itineraries amended after departure,

3. For circumstances arising  beyond the company’s control, necessitating alternative arrangements be made to ensure the safety and/or further participation and enjoyment of your Hunt

4. If you do not appear for any part of your Hunt, or

5. If you leave your Hunt after it has begun, missed any scheduled part of your Hunt